AWEN of Avalon 
 OBOD Seedgroup at Ravenwyck 

 Currently open to OBOD members Only~ 
When we have open to non member public gatherings or meet ups they will be posted below~ Thank you for your visit~ 

MARCH 7TH 2022~ After careful consideration we have
 decided that it would be most productive and supportive
 spiritually if we changed our attendance and membership requirements for the Seedgroup. We have had a few 'tourists'
 in the last few months initiate the membership process
 to disappear without fully completing the necessary steps. 
Now, this can happen for many reasons without a doubt 
but much time and effort go in to this communication on
 our end and sometimes involve other members time also.
 It is time that is most precious and should be respected
 by the potential members, though, it seems not to be in 
some cases. So, to keep our Seedgroup on the best healthy
 spiritual path we are not accepting any new requests from
 people who are not a current OBOD member. Thank you for your 
understanding and interest in our beloved Seedgroup. 
AWEN ~ ☆


Awen of Avalon is a Druidry based community seedgroup. 

We are a working/educational group which encourages community participation utilizing the tools of~
• literature and poetry
•art and music
•history and folklore
•magical sciences and Wort cunning 
~as well as self sovereignt
and spiritual diplomacy. 

Our members are required to be active participants
 through the acts of servitude and charity within the 
group and also out in their own families and

We strongly encourage each member 
to actively work towards a betterment of ecological and environmental conditions by adjusting their lives 
and lifestyles to create as much healing and balance 
for these systems as possible.
Members are required
 to be actively educating themselves from any 
pertinent areas of spiritual, magical and ecological foundations, this will help them continue to support 
their own spiritually healthy lives and strengthen their 
participation within the Seedgroup community resulting 
in a better magical environment for everyone. 

Members are required to be respectful of all forms 
of life and awareness~ from human to mineral. 

Members are to be responsible for each of their 
thought seeds, emotions, words and actions within
the seedgroup and when they are away. We encourage 
each individual to walk their path with gratitude 
and respect at all times. This is a community and we can
reflect and imprint on others, so please be 
most excellent to yourself and those around you. 

Members are also encouraged to take time to 
honor Awen, Divinity, Great Spirit, Mother Earth~
 or whatever form or non form of Sacredness they 
connect to in a regular devotional manner. 

Members are required to be supportive and 
encouraging to each other member in relation to the individuals purpose, gifts, talents, and experiences. We are individuals walking a common path and should respect
 all levels of knowledge, expertise and education no
 matter the degree or manner it which it is attained. 
We are kith and kin within the seedgroup~
 Love, Trust and Hope are very important to our members. 

*Please note that the above statements do not necessarily reflect or represent the OBOD but are in relation to this seedgroup and it's members.

To learn more, recieve an introductory pamphlet, schedule an orientation or other general inquiries~ please email our Seedgroup liaison at


Upcoming Seedgroup Gatherings

For more info please summon us at 248 918~7220 ▪︎ 




Many warm blessings, Reverend Mother Áine 


Please feel free to visit the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids website for more info on Druidry and other magical wisdom. Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

Thank you for your time and Spring Blessings to you all~

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