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Our Story & Pathways~

The Witch & the Warlock~ 
~The Ovate & the Warrior

For 19 years Madame Áine has lived in her Cottage on 2.3 acres of blessed land with her best friend and consort Michael along with African Raven Ivy Skye, dog Ghost with the most, Vincent & Victoria goat friends and her rescued feline companions and the rest of the magical menagerie. 
As a natural born Witch she loves to spend her time in nature, working in any of her numerous gardens but especially her Dark Herbs & Plants garden. She is a second generation
 herbalist, having learned her knowledge and skills from her late mother Paula MoonWolf. 

She has been in public openly with her witch/cunning craft for over 
25 years & loves to share her Magic with others through 
her spiritual workings and conjuring of Sanctified 
Magical wares~ her metal smithing, candle crafting,
 poppet creations as well as with her intuitive medium gifts. 
She recently reopened the community Mystique Temple~ at Ravenwyck to support other occult and magical adherents to
 give them a supportive space to express themselves openly and celebrate the old 
ways safely. 
Áine feels that the Old Ways should be honored in his world and treated with respect and sovereignty.  Her belief is that different is beautiful and that every outcast should have a Tribe to belong to. She also chooses to walk the Path with honor, responsibility and Sovereignty as a Witch by the Olde definition~ ( as found synonymous with Bean Feasa, Ovate, Healer, Hexe, Priestess/Priest, Medicine Person, Shaman, Pellar and the likes of old world traditions ) and NOT of the new generational definition that is used by the masses today.
She opened an Occult & Magical 
gallery in Downtown Richmond 7 years ago to provide a safe & sacred space for other pagans & misfits of society~ recently the location was closed with transition to online shopping and private visits to the Hag House ~ Visit  ~Shopping~  for more info ⛤

Although Madame Áine has been solitary as a Witch, she has educated herself in a vast array of spiritual traditions to
 support her public position as a non denominational minister, Spiritual teacher/mentor and Cunning Woman since 1996. She holds  a certificate in Natural Health Consultation and Parapsychology having studied various techniques of divination and occult sciences. 
In the past she worked with a Tradition of Witchcraft in Salem Ma for many years and taught that traditions First & Second degree here in Michigan back in 2003~05. She is an active full member of the O.B.O.D. from Sussex, England where she found her family heritage personified.  She recently taken time to once again broaden her learning experience through her own studies and delving back into the Druidic studies from OBOD ~ She has also taught her own students on Witchery, herbal magic, divination and spiritual enlightenment. She still does take on students when time allows. 

So if she's not taking care of her menagerie, crafting up a treasure, conjuring a Poppet for may find her in the gardens singing to her beloved plants, writing a beautiful incantation, reading old poetry and dabbling in her watercolors. Her wish is to see every one accepted & supported for their own beautiful strangeness! 

At Ravenwyck Cottage~ 

We sing, we dance, we chant, we heal, we craft spells & soap, we burn candles & the toast :), we brew herbal oils & tea, we write incantations for sick ones to heal & heartbroken people to find a
 new love, we bind unhealthy/harmful energy & banish unhealthy/harmful persons to protect ourselves and loved
 ones, we call for Peace on the Full Moon & project 
for tolerance on the New Moon, we look into the future & the 
past to divine the best path to balance, we take pride in our communities & give to those in need, we honor life through 
our ritual and the communion
 with Spirit within!

The Story of Ravenwyck~

Our blessed home was built around 1867~ throughout the early years it was the home to a Judge where court was held, a blacksmith's home and forge and haven to many families. It has undergone many updates and additions were constructed to expand as needed. When we moved in back in May of 2002 there was lots of empty space around the 'Cottage' and we immediately began to plant trees, herbs and flora of all kinds to help create a healthy environmental foundation. We buried lots of crystals and stones amongst the trees and herbal gardens to strengthen the energies and vibrations. Through the years we added a retrear house, a small outbuilding created with almost 80% recycled materials down to the front door coming from my grandparents home that was built in 1966. We have labored and toiled for years to create a sacred space to share with others that need a safe, spiritual place to visit. We added the garden herb house and a couple hobby greenhouses a few years ago to help us grow more of our own food source and help teach others about holistic gardening and basic farm to table efforts. This year we added a larger greenhouse to enable others who aren't afforded the space or full time commitment to start seedlings and grow their beautiful plants here. We encourage the diversity of spiritual wellness to include teachings of herbal remedies and organic biodynamic foods. Besides our plant spirit family we share our critter company with our visitors too, as they love companionship and treats. 🖤 

We strive to provide a Sacred space for your Spiritual & personal needs. We have owed our land now for 19 years. It has been a journey of hard work, determination, & above all belief in a higher purpose. With determination to have a sacred space to live openly as Pagan we purchased this land & home to make our projection of a Spiritual Sanctuary a reality. With the careful planting of dozens upon dozens of trees, plant, herbs, flowers strengthened of course our love of all existences. We have taken in countless animals (mostly kitties) & helped them with medical needs, spayed/neutered them, & when possible found them loving homes.  We are a Sanctuary for all life. We created a Stone Circle down in the Glade next to our forest which leads to a beautiful creek.  

With our projection a reality, we wish to share this spirited place with those whom search for a place of solace.  We support all faiths & encourage religious tolerance & work towards a united way for all people to live out their beliefs in peace & protection.  We provide Spiritual services & ceremonies, unions (handfastings/weddings) along with dedications & initiations.  We strive to educate those whom seek to live a better, healthier & more synchronized life with Nature & the Gods. We named our sanctuary Ravenwyck officially back in 2007. 

Our Spiritual Ethics & Foundations~

We believe Spiritual and Magical adherents should show dignity, self respect, good morals, ethical integrity and genuineness. Too often self proclaimed spiritual and magical persons don't follow these principles and create a disillusion for others who walk their path with dignity and Sovereignty. We expect to hold each to the highest standards of the path you profess to walk. 

We believe that the Elements are weavers of great Magic to empower ourselves with. By Earth & Air ~ By Fire & Water ~ thus we heal & become whole once again.  These are not just concepts, but ingredients of the Universe that both individually & combined create a palate of Creation for us to paint into our lives & the lives of others. Without the Elements & their Spirits we starve the essence of our existence.

We believe that Magic is more than Spells, potions, & chants. It is the combination of the higher self, the Mind, the body in conjunction with the needs, thoughts & actions of the individual as it travels through all space & time.We use physical items~ candles, herbs, oils, poppets, & ritual tools to complete a recipe of the Soul. Song, dance & trance strengthen the energy into the projection or casting (thought seed).

What we DO NOT stand for~

Intolerance or bigotry of anyone for any reason. Unless you hate HATE. We can accept that.

Being reckless, indecent, irresponsible, deceitful, misleading, egotistical, manipulative, dishonorable, unaccountable, narcissistic, dabbling with any and all Magical, Spiritual workings or practices~ to be a Witch, Healer, etc. means to be held to the highest of morals and balanced ethical standards. 

We do NOT worship any EVIL entity no matter what name it is given.There is NO Evil entity in the Craft!  Any malicious actions are actions that harm the self & decays the very Nature that we co~create with. 

We do NOT tolerate any form of control for any reason. We all have choices & those choices should be made freely & willingly by each individual~ animal, vegetable, mineral or human.

We do NOT tolerate killing of anything unless it is in defence or self preservation (food). 

We do NOT curse others without justice~ but we WILL PROTECT ourselves & loved ones and the Innocent when the need arises.

There are many tenets & beliefs in the Pagan religions/spirituality~ too many to list here. It is easy~ HARM NONE but PROTECT YOURSELF & LOVED ONES.

*Moon Raven Pentacle original design by Paul Borda~ Dryad Design ~ Photo depiction of our Ravenwyck Temple Altar plaque*

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