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Hags' Librarium 


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The Hags' Librarium 

We are excited to unveil the new
 Hags' Librarium here at Ravenwyck Sanctuary ~ 
a library full of wisdom, knowledge and Magic for you to browse, 
read through and contemplate a personal
 purchase at your favourite book vendor if it suits your fancy! These books are new, 
gently used well loved tomes from Madame Aines' personal collection, old stock from
 the Hallowed Hag shop and lots of new 
additions with more books arriving 
weekly! After a meeting of spiritual awakenings at the Crossroads, we 
decided it was imperative to offer the
 library and it's treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom and Magic to those who are
 in need. Many don't have the opportunity to browse in store bookshops due to covid or they lack a good foundation of old and new 
books about ~ Magic, Witchery, Herbs,
Natural Healing, Astrology, Tarot, Divination, Paganism, Faery Ways, Quantum Magic, Meditation, Spiritual Psychology, 
the Occult and Mysticism, 
Mythology and History and more! 
We are building the librarium to include a vast assortment of titles and pathways of spiritual writings and traditions. We hope to introduce you to books that you may find 
you need as a future companion in your life or just simply look up some info and leave 
the book for another to learn from. Many times people buy books and only need them for a brief time and don't wish to keep them, others want to browse before making a decision on purchasing, some don't have the room for the books~ here you can see what fits your situation in a peaceful, natural setting adding to the spiritual experience profoundly. 

As Spiritual people we need to offer books that are full of great ideas and sound knowledge to educate practitioners and students of the old ways in truth and
 balance. So we hope to be a path for you the Truth Seekers to find a grain of inspiration
 to carry you forward with Love, Trust and Hope in your heart. 

These books are to be shared here at the Sanctuary and are not to be taken from the property. We have our Herb House full of herbal teas should you wish to curl up in the gardens to read your book and enjoy a healing blend, free of charge. 🌟 We will however be offering a large variety of titles by Troy Books for purchase onsite. 

More info coming soon~ check back for updates! 


Many thanks and gratitude to you 
all~ love and blessings,
Madame Áine and Michael Ravenwyck ☆





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Music inspired by the chants and Invocations in Gemma Gary’s book The Devils Dozen - Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One ~ Troy Books. 

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 Troy Books

An independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Their books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

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