Being spiritual and magical occurs when you have faith in your ability to have integrity in each moment and with each action in your life~

If we as magical people cannot inspire each other to be greater tomorrow than we are today, we lose our interconnectedness with our Divine selves~

~☆~ Established 2002 ~☆~

 " A Little Cottage in the Woods~ Where all Magic is understood, come sit with us for a spell~ for we know your needs so well


Ravenwyck is a private sacred Sanctuary for those who seek to enlighten themselves through Awen or inspiration of Nature, Her elements and the magical influences that support growth of self spiritual integrity. 

Being spiritual and magical are responsibilities that each person should honor and nurture in Truth and balance.

 We're here to help others integrate self love, awareness and healing ( body, mind, spirit, hearth and home ) through the ways of Nature and the Divine connection we all commonly share as Earthlings.

 As Inspirators or muses we strive to share Sacred Space and instigate the Flame of Awen in each one we work with.

 Through guided meditations, intuitive introspection, spiritual home cleansing, sacred space design•decorating and much more we help to facilitate a balanced healthy inner temple ( your mind ) and outer temple ( your body and your home ).

 Being magical and spiritual is to invoke the sacredness of divinity within ourselves and in our immediate environments to have growth and integrity each day forward. 

For more information on a consultation or to set up a session please summon us at or 

248 • 918~7220


Ravenwyck is owned and protected by Madame Áine Ouellette Reverend Mother
 ( also lovingly known as the Official Witch of Columbus Michigan ) and Sir Michael.

*Moon Raven Pentacle original design by Paul Borda~ Dryad Design ~ Photo depiction of our Ravenwyck Temple Altar plaque*

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