Visiting Ravenwyck~

Want to visit us for a meditation in the Garden, pick up your special order, browse our ritual crafted wares and treasures? We will be available on select First, Second Quarter Moon dates, New Moon and Full Moon dates, festival days and on scheduled gathering days. *Members can request visitations accordingly. Non member visitations must be booked 5 days in advance. Everyone must register, membership not required. 

We will resume in person visits May 10th ~ 

Weekend & Moon Days Visitors Welcome~ 
All visitors must wear a mask in areas where others are present~ vaccinated or not. 

Monday May 10th 2~7 pm 
Sunday May 16th 2~7 pm
Wednesday May 19th 2~7 pm
Wednesday May 26th 2~7 pm
Saturday May 29th 12~7 pm
Wednesday June 2nd 2~7 pm
Thursday June 10th 2~7 pm
Sunday June 13th 12~7 pm
Thursday June 17th 2~7 pm
Mystic Garden Bizarre 
rescheduled to June~  *open to public

Friday June 25th 12~8 pm 
Saturday  June 26th 12~8 pm 
Sunday  June 27th 1~7 pm

Vintage, gently used, well loved spiritual 
and magical books, clothes, wares, treasures and trinkets 
for sale in the beautiful and majestic gardens at 
Ravenwyck. All previously used items will be cleaned and spiritually cleansed thoroughly. 
Some examples of items we'll have available~
Statues, candle holders, cauldrons, house & garden decor,
Clothing and shoes, crystals and stones and much more! 
You can also visit the greenhouses and enjoy the companion plants, herbs and flowers! 
For more info please text our call 248 9187220 or email us at 


All visitors, unless stated as 'open to public', must register through the membership/visitor form here  ~Hag House Visitor~
If you are a member you will receive 25% off regular priced items and have access to the Hag House for the Mystic Garden Bizarre~


Magical Gatherings & Meet Ups

Saturday July 24th 8~11 pm

The Magical Art in the Dark 
Full Moon Gathering

Join us at #Ravenwyck for a magical evening of community, art and She of the White Round! Saturday July 24th Full Moon 8~11 pm  #MagicalArtintheDark Gathering! We will be drawing down the energies of the Full Moon and incorporating them into our Magical Artwork ( no experience necessary, only an open mind and heart ) and discovering inner beauty and opening spiritual relationships with the Lunar energy and ourselves. 13 spaces available ~ $33.00 fee for supplies. You will need to bring your own paint brushes~ for more info~ email us at ~ we are looking forward to creating and conjuring the Magic and Art with you! Reservations must be made by July 18th.

Classes, Courses and Workshops

Practical Magic~
'Building Your Magic Temple'
July 3th 12~5 pm

This basic beginners level class will instruct students on how strengthening self love, cleaning up your mind and body will allow for a better manifestation of your Magic projections.
You will learn how to build a healthy, strong inner temple ( the Mind ) to have a strong outer Temple ( the Body ). Many profess you can just practice and practice magic and you will get better results for doing so...but that is only partially true. If your Mind is unhealthy then your Magic will not be able to manifest in a healthy pattern, accordingly the intent will be embellished with the unhealthy vibrations. This is usually very counterproductive in Magical practices.
When your Mind is unhealthy then your body will also become unhealthy. Our Minds and body are one and if one system is fragile or hindered by energies that are misaligned or very low in vibrations then we suffer with imbalances throughout. To be able to perform Magic successfully you need to have a strong healthy mental state and a body that can help project those intentions fully.
Self love Magic is one of the foundation components of Magical manifestation. 
We will cover basic mental balance exercises, energy clearing and cleansing techniques and start building your Temple with a healthy Mind, body and Spirit.
When we let go of manipulative ego, control dramas, drug and alcohol abuse, narcissistic conditions we can immerse our minds into a state of healing and Mastery. Anyone can write an intent and then distort it's path with self abuse, harmful ego conditions, denial or addictions...the intent lies in the Mind without true focus and will fade into convoluted external pathways. But when we are masters of our own feelings, emotions, dramas and without abuse and addictions we strong and that vibration is multiplied by the bodies frequency and flows into the Infinite field of possibilities with a greater capacity to form into a manifestation.

Class is 3~4 hours long which includes lecture and guided meditations~
$42.00 per person * 18 years and older. Only 6 spaces available. 

Class dates are subject to change due to covid community transmission  Please register via email at by June 26th.

Practical Magic~
'Words of Wisdom"

July 17th~ 12~5 pm

Want to learn how to use your words efficiently to manifest Magic into your life? Our thoughts and words have power...are you using them correctly? Words are an expressed thought energy pattern through the vibration of your voice. We can learn how to tune our thought intentions into incantations, Spell songs and chants to project our intentions into the Cosmos, Quantum field etc. to infect the Infinite field of possibilities which can then align and return to us in a dance of Magical manifestation. When the correct frequencies are in harmonics we have the greatest chance of the manifestation from our seed thoughts. Understanding the power of our voice and the words we use each day can greatly affect the outcome of our Spells, Magic and Spiritual workings. 
We will be instructing you proper incantation writing, why rhyming empowers your cast words and the need for specificity in your mental and verbal projections. We will be creating our own personal Incantations and cast the Spell as a group.

Class is 3~4 hours long which includes lecture and Spell casting~
$42.00 per person * 18 years and older.

Class dates ~ July 17th   Please register via email at by July 10th.

All payments will be due upon registration. No refunds~ account credit will be given in it's place.

*Moon Raven Pentacle original design by Paul Borda~ Dryad Design ~ Photo depiction of our Ravenwyck Temple Altar plaque*

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Classes and workshops are at different levels of experience so please read through the descriptions thoroughly before signing up. 

Scheduled visitation for May and June 2021

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