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Starting June 21st ~ we will be welcoming membership visitors exclusively to browse our Witchingveil Studios inventory, pick up a special order or needed spiritual supplies and ritual wares at Ravenwyck Sanctuary. We will have select weekend/Moon dates and hours for our members to stop by the Hag House ~ We will be turning over to wholesale small business and members only retail sales in June, further details coming soon. 
See dates and hours here ~Hag House Schedule~


ANNOUNCEMENT! New shop changes coming soon~

To our beloved customers old and new~ Covid has changed so many things in this world for everyone and I would be lying if I said we were unscathed by it here at Ravenwyck. We have followed all protective health measures and are still proactive in our immune boosting holistic approaches to keep us healthy. We moved the Hallowed Hag shop from the public storefront in Richmond back in August to better suit our needs as a family and business owners. We have hosted Gatherings and spiritual activites, opened the gardens for visits and to allow our customers access to our inventory through online, pick up and personal browsing. We have taken care to keep everyone safe through the pandemic with all safety guidelines and offered gate side pickup for orders when we could not accommodate in person visits. Our intent was to utilize our space here to allow a continuation of our services for the Hallowed Hag clients but we had found more people shopping online and have reassessed our business path forward. I also have an immune system that needs me to be vigilant with supportive lifestyle measures for my health and protective measures to stay healthy. A public storefront is not an ideal place to spend my time in anymore.
I didn't just have the shop front in Richmond as a venture, I manufacture and sold my products wholesale to other shops and stores as well. This business aspect has grown exponentially and I have had several new requests from business owners to carry my goods. I am humbled and grateful for this success but it has brought me to a crossroad and decisions must be made. Since the retail aspect has slowed for me and my magical wares production has grown, we have made the choice to focus our attention and energy on the wholesale aspect fully now. Financially this is a great step forward for me, emotionally it is bitter sweet as I will be behind the scenes crafting and not in the storefront face to face with customers. But it is a balance between the lines that I feel very peaceful with. My heart is sad to not open back up into a public storefront as we wanted to do when covid subsided, but things change and we are happily changing for the better. Not only will I be able to have the freedom of being at home with my beloved family but I will work my Magic producing more wares than before. This will allow me to supply a few more shops so you can then support those small business owners who are sharing their lives publically. This is very important to myself and Michael, we want to share our Magic and help keep these chosen shops strong and financially well supported as we all navigate into the future. So it is a little sad but also a breath of fresh air knowing my treasures will be made available to you all through the already established shops and the new ones awaiting my transition, and registered members for retail sales here ( more info soon ).

We are looking forward to our transition and hope you all share patience with us as we do so in the weeks and months ahead. I will be posting all the shops that are selling our wares here when everything is changed over. In the meantime you can still shop online at Witchingveil.com starting June 5th when we're starting our Hallowed Hag inventory closeout sale until we change over to membership and wholesale accounts/sales at our new hosting website at the end of June. 

Many thanks and gratitude to you all~ love and blessings,
Madame Áine and Michael Ravenwyck ☆


The Hallowed Hag shop of Richmond moved back to the Columbus Michigan property due to the pandemic and it's effects on the community and our family. We want a safe and stable place for our patrons and when we are safe to gather in small numbers with all appropriate guidelines & health screening inacted, we will continue our retail business fully. We are taking special orders through WitchingVeil.com at this time. 


WitchingVeil membership offerings~ membership is $33.00 for
 6 months of discounts~ Membership can be purchased at Witchingveil.com ~

10% off The Grimoires, Ye Old Amulets &Talismans, The Magical Apothecary and Sacred Statuary collections. 

15% off Wort & Stone Apothecary collection. 

20% off WitchingVeil Witchcraftings collection. 

25% off WitchingVeil Potions and WitchingVeil Talismans collections. 

The membership discounts are for WitchingVeil.com only and do not apply to any other mentioned shop or artisan. 



Featured artisans, shops, traditions and spiritual regards ~

 Troy Books

An independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Their books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

Troy Books ~Shop Troy Books~  

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For more info about the OBOD Order of Bards Ovates and Druids follow this link~ :https://www.druidry.org


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Spiritual Services ~

☆Birth Chart Wheel and Basic Interpretation ~ $30.00 ☆ 

 ~ contact us by email at Hallowedhag@ravenwyck.org or purchase chart at WitchingVeil.com or click on the link to the below.

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