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Services ~

☆Birth Chart Wheel and Basic Interpretation ~ $30.00 ☆ 

 ~ contact us by email at Hallowedhag@ravenwyck.org or purchase chart at WitchingVeil.com or click on the link to the right ➡️

☆INTUITIVE Oracle Reading 1/2 hour $50 ~ Energy Healing & Meditation Session 1 Hour ~$100 per person☆ 


Visit @HallowedHag Instagram for current hours, workshops  new supplies and spiritual treasures ~



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🌙Magic & Alchemy🌙Witchery 🌙Magical Wares🌙~ Eccentric*Eclectic* Occult & Oddities🌙 Spiritualism & Magic 🌙Makers of Mischief & Mayhem🌙 Columbus, Michigan🌙



Due to the ongoing health concern over #Covid_19 the shop will be taking appointments with our regular weekend scheduling for 1/2 hour shopping increments due to our limited space.

☀️We are not taking any appointments for shopping currently as we are taking time to finish relocating our Temple to the Ravenwyck sanctuary in Columbus to ready for our Lughnasadh Gathering August 16th~ please check back with us after that date for shopping info. In the meantime we still have online sales at Witchingveil.com and Hallowed Hag special orders for our regular customers that know what they need, local pick up is still available! Be safe and blessed beautiful ones!

☀️PLEASE Do EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to comply with the CDC guidelines of '6 feet away', wear a cloth facial covering when in public especially in stores to help keep everyone safe, you must take responsibility for the slowing of this viruses transmission. This is life or death for some people, maybe not you or a loved one, but another's loved one. We have to assume everyone is infected regardless if symptoms are viewed.☀️

 You may also place an order with us via phone, text or email and we will provide mail order to you. These measures are important at such a critical time of this viruses movement in our communities, we are aware people still are going to need supplies so we are trying to accommodate everyone as best as possible in the healthiest ways. We will also be providing online shopping again through WitchingVeil.com for our out of town customers as well as referring them to INVOKE in Portland Oregon for certain items they are making available. This is a precarious time we are facing, small businesses need support and patronage to ensure balance to succeed through into the future.  We all need to be looking out for each other whether it's your family or friend or a strangers....our humanity is being tested....Please #BeMostExcellentToEachOther


Hallowed Hag gallery was opened in Richmond Michigan 5 years ago to support the Craft and it's Magical lessons and support self love  and healing through Magic and Natural Forces.  A place where the Occult, Strange & Unusual, Dark & Macabre, pagan Earth based beliefs can shop and gather in a sacred safe space!

Mystique Garden TEMPLE has moved! ~ANNOUNCEMENT ~ the World has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 virus and it's presence is not likely to leave us for a long while sadly. Each one of us has undergone extreme changes & faced extreme challenges and we are likely to be on his path longer than we would like to be. The last month & a half we have taken note of the pandemics affects financially & spiritually as well as the holistic view on progress & future decisions with the Hallowed Hag Mystique Boutique & Temple events & we have concluded thusly~ due to our space being so small we can no longer expect to host gatherings to ensure we keep not only our customers but ourselves & family safe & sound. The anticipated guidelines when we can physically reopen will limit a small number of customers per square feet. Being that we are under 800 sq feet we will not be permitted to have more than 4 people in the area per the current health & sanitation guidelines to keep physical distancing. So you see this presents a problem with continuing rituals, events, classes, workshops, support groups etc. We cannot & will not put anyone's health or life at risk by continuing the process we had in the past. It is time for change~ BUT~ we have come up with a new process & path for the Temple events~ we have our #Ravenwyck sanctuary that has sat dormant for several years & has been getting a spiritual & physical renewal & makeover during our current shop shutdown. We plan on opening the 
to our patrons when we are safe to gather in small numbers with all appropriate guidelines & health screening inacted. We will share part of our land at @ravenwyck to allow rituals, classes, support groups in a natural outdoor setting allowing for a safe space for small gatherings and eventually when the virus has subsided we can engage in larger platforms. We will be allowing our patrons and members to visit the gardens to meditate, heal & be in a safe space spiritually while we start to return to some normalcy even though our paths forward will have to change & be reevaluated with each step into the future. 

Starting August 1st 2020 full attandance registration forms will be required of each attendee at ALL gatherings, events, workshops, support groups and rituals. We are enacting this for our potential future 501c application and security for all guests in general. We appreciate you following our protocol and requests with due diligence. Please use email link below to obtain Full Registration form.


Click on link here to purchase Personal Astrology Chart and Basic Interpretation~
Astrology Chart

We will contact you when payment is received to gather your information to process your personal chart.



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