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Hallowed Hag 
Mystique Boutique 
Services ~

☆Birth Chart Wheel and Basic Interpretation ~ $30.00 ☆ 

 ~ contact us by email at Hallowedhag@ravenwyck.org or purchase chart at WitchingVeil.com or click on the link to the right ➡️

☆INTUITIVE Oracle Reading 1/2 hour $50 ~ Energy Healing & Meditation Session 1 Hour ~$100 per person☆ 


Hallowed Hag gallery is located in downtown Richmond, Michigan at 68251 Main Street 48062~ Visit @HallowedHag Instagram for current hours, workshops  new supplies and spiritual treasures ~



PSX_20190401_201814The Hallowed Hag

🌙Magic & Alchemy 🌙Intuitive Readings🌙Witchery 🌙Magical Wares🌙Tea & Tarot🌙~ Eccentric*Eclectic* Occult & Oddities🌙 Spiritualism & Magic 🌙Makers of Mischief & Mayhem🌙Richmond, 
Michigan Gallery~🌙


Hello my Beautiful Ones~ we are sharing the PSA to notify you of the ongoing health concrns here in Northern Macomb/Southern St. CLAIR Counties. Firstly do not panic....it doesn't do any one any good...but be prepared. 


Due to the ongoing health concern over #Covid_19 the state has mandated a STAY AT HOME ORDER for all of Michigan. The shop will be closed until April 13th~ We  will update you as often as we can~ 💗

  ~ PLEASE DI EVERYTHING IN YOUR V POWER to comply with the CDC guidelines of '6 feet away', you must take responsibility for the slowing of this viruses transmission. This is life or death for some people, maybe not you or a loved one,  but another's loved one. We have to assume everyone is infected regardless of symptoms are viewed. 

 You may also place an order with us via phone, text or email and we will provide mail order to you. These measures are important at such a critical time of this viruses movement in our communities, we are aware people still are going to need supplies so we are trying to accommodate everyone as best as possible in the healthiest ways. We will also be providing online shopping again through WitchingVeil.com for our out of town customers as well as referring them to INVOKE in Portland Oregon for certain items they are making available. This is a precarious time we are facing, small businesses need support and patronage to ensure balance to succeed through into the future.  We all need to be looking out for each other whether it's your family or friend or a strangers....our humanity is being tested....Please #BeMostExcellentToEachOther


🌠 Always call or text ahead to verify hours as we have rescue kitties that may need us at a moments notice and we'd hate for you to come out on an unexpected Cat Care day and be disappointed.

Hallowed Hag gallery was opened 5 years ago to support the Craft and it's Magical lessons and support self love healing. A place where the Occult, Strange & Unusual, Dark & Macabre, pagan Earth based beliefs  can claim safe and sacred space! We are always looking to support and share artisans Craftings at the house gallery or for weekend artisan events, please contact us for more info @ HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org ~ 

Starting March 1st 2020 full attandance registration forms will be required of each attendee at ALL gatherings, events, workshops, support groups and rituals. We are enacting this for our potential future 501c application and security for all patrons in general. We appreciate you following our protocol and requests with due diligence. Please use email link below to obtain Full Registration form.

Click on link here to purchase Personal Astrology Chart and Basic Interpretation~
Astrology Chart

We will contact you when payment is received to gather your information to process your personal chart.



Due to Madame Áine's busy schedule certain classes, workshops, support groups and Temple Rituals will be scheduled by request to create better balance of her limited time. If you are interested in an event or class listed below that does not have a prescheduled date please contact us to place your name and preferred days & times of your availability in queue so we can schedule you efficiently. You can text us at 248 ⊙ 918~7220 or email us at HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org and we will contact you for scheduling and deposit requirements.      


🌙 NOTICE~ DUE TO MANY RECENT LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS BECOMING A HABIT WITH SUPPORT GROUPS~ WE ARE ENGAGING RESERVATIONS AND AN $11.00 per person Service fee ~All prices are subject to change without notice. 2/24/20

⊙ Free Card Readings 
Free 3 Card TAROT/Oracle Reading ⊙

As a thank you and support to the community I always have had days where I do readings for free~ I realize funds can be short sometimes in peoples lives and people need advice to better their life paths forward. I have done this at all the shops throughout the 22+ years and it's time to #SharetheMajick again ~ I will be taking clients for a mini 3 Card Tarot/Oracle Reading (10-15 minutes) for free. This will be a first come first served event and you may place your name on a list to hold your space if there is a wait. These readings are for spiritual guidance and self healing, please no time wasters~ I am here to help others not play stump the psychic. If you are financialy stable please be kind and  let those with hardships take space during these community days~ If you are interested please call/text us at 248 918-7220 or email at HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org ~ ⊙⊙⊙


☆🃏 Tarot and Tea Leaves ☕☆
Support Group

Meet up with a group of like minded people and enjoy a night learning about the divination system of the Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings*~ Each meet up we will discuss the Tarot, card/symbol meanings, layouts, different style decks and histories behind the systems by sharing our knowledge and personal experiences with the Tarot/Tea Leaves. We will have hands on readings along with lecture type conversations. This support group utilizes the shared knowledge from each individual and from Madame Aine's 23 years as a Tarot Reader/ Diviner. You can bring your own deck of cards and or cup and saucer or you are welcome to work with the several decks that are on community display at the gallery. There is a $11.00 service fee for this support GROUP~ 17 years and older and please~ 
Email us @ HallowedHag@Ravenwyck.org ~ Text @ 248 918~7220 for info or to reserve space by the Wednesday before as it is limited~ 




Join like minded individuals in sharing the wonderful knowledge of Astrology~ bring your own birth chart ( or have one done through the gallery, see details to the left column above) and share in the group to learn more about your signs, planets, and aspects. We will cover different subjects on different nights as this is an ongoing gathering. This fee for the community share event is $11.00 per person service fee or bring healthy snacks and beverages to share with the group. 17 years and older and please~ 
Email us @ HallowedHag@Ravenwyck.org ~ Text @ 248 918~7220 for info or to reserve space by the Wednesday before as it is limited~ 

⊙ Meditation Support Group ⊙

Join like minded individuals and share in guided meditations to help gain peace, healing, protection and spiritual strength for your body, mind and soul. Please bring a beverage and snack to share. NO caffeine as it may keep you from reaching a better state of relaxation. Starting March 2020 there will be an $11.00 service fee for the support group~ 17 and older please~ space is limited~ please reserve space by the Wednesday before by 9:00 pm.


⊙🌙⊙Moon Magic Lecture & Class⊙🌙⊙

Learn about the Spiritual, folklore and Magics of the Moon~ learn the phases in Magical application and everyday workings. Take a guided meditation under the New Moon's Shadow~ learn a Drawing Down the Moon Chant~ 
$39.00 per person

 248 918~7220 or email HallowedHag@Ravenwyck.org to register by the Wednesday before by 9:00 pm.


🗝Pendulum Power Class🗝


Learn the basic construction and attunements of a crystal pendulum. You will be provided with the basic components to create your own pendulum after which time you will learn basic attunements and programming of the newly created tool. We will do simple pendulum readings and dowsing. We will also discuss the history of pendulums and the different materials used in their crafting.

Class is $39.00 per person (Includes Material costs)

248 918~7220 or email HallowedHag@Ravenwyck.org to register by the Wednesday before by 9:00 pm.


⊙ Magic Circle Workshop ⊙
March TBA 

Join in this basic level workshop to learn how to cast a sacred Circle for Majickal workings~ we will cover the reasons for Circle Casting boundaries, basic energy raising techniques, quarter/ elemental calls, altar setup with implements and tools, ethics in sacred spaces and protection policies. This is an outline for potential design of personal Circles. Creating a sacred, safe boundary in any setting is prudent for Majickal workings of any kind. Class is $44.00 a person~ call, text 248 918~7220 or email HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org to register with deposit by the Wednesday before.


⊙ Conjuring a Spell Workshop 

Want to effectively learn to create, cast and conjure a Spell, Projection or Magickal Affirmation into Manifest? Understanding basic energy laws and principles helps along with a healthy mind and Spirit to work the intent. We cover basic energy laws, how to raise energy to feed your mental seed thought and how to utilize basic material components (candles, oils, stones and incantaions) to support and empower the Spell to be cast forth. Class is $43.00 per person~ 16 and older please. Call, text 248 918~7220 or email HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org to register~

Thank you for your support, best blessings~ 
Madame Áine HPS 🌙




Dark Moon/New Moon Equinox Manifestation Circle 
Saturday March 21st pm (See Below for more details)

We will be casting affirmations and projections utilizing the creative energies of the New Moon Circle~ 
Please wear white clothing to reflect the energies towards the future Magic manifest.

Please reserve space by the Wednesday before by 9 p.m. 

Call, text 248 918~7220 or email HallowedHag@ravenwyck.org to register~





TREADING THE PATH~ 🍃🌱☘Alban Eiler ~ Rites of Spring ~ Vernal Equinox Meditation & Ritual ☘🌱🍃 


@ Hallowed Hag Temple Richmond 

Join us for an afternoon of celebration as the Wheel of the Year again turns bringing us into the Blessings of Springs return. We will be journeying through the Seed Blessing of the Goddess Spirit as She stirs the Quintessence of Creation into our lives. We will be utilizing Alpha Meditaion to enhance your Sacredness and connection to the AWEN or Divine Spirit within. We will then have our Seed Blessing Ritual to summon and stir the energy of the sleeping seeds both in our lives and for our gardens! We will be doing seed & soil blessings and planting seeds for our community Spiritual gardens. Please bring a few seed packets to share~ any seeds are welcome.

Space is limited so please reserve your space in a timely manner.


As the Wheel turns we will be shifting the Temple to the Ravenwyck Sanctuary for our Spiritual Rituals as long as weather and land conditions are safe to do so. We will keep you posted on the upcoming Rites of Bealtainne Weekend Gathering~ 

~ Join us as we celebrate the energy of the Seasons~ we meet near each full~new Moons and Sabbats~ please wear proper attire for this ritual.

~ This Temple is dedicated to the Sacredness of Pagan Spirituality, Magical Artes & Sciences, Meditation, Magical Academia, Rituals of Full & New Moons, Pagan Festivals & Holidays (Esbats & Sabbats) along with community workshops & lectures. 

These events unless specified otherwise are 17 years or older please~ Temple Fee is $11.00~ per person to cover costs. Space is limited and RSVP is required by email at HallowedHag@Ravenwyck.org , call or text us @ 248 918-7220 

We will post when we have hit our limit~ if you cannot make the Ritual please contact us immediately so we may open the space for others~ if you fail to notify us we reserve the right to refuse your attendance for future events. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason in order to keep this space healthy and safe for all who attend. If you have any comments or questions please email us and we will respond promptly.
⛤Your shared info never leaves our possession, we do not share with anyone for any reason⛤



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