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Although correct grammar, punctuation and writing etiquette are very important to me~ my stories are the illuminated gifts here. If you'd like to write my blogs with all the correct points of punctuation, grammar usage etc. Please offer your services in a charitable means or just read the stories and share my life and let it teach you something beautiful and valuable~ meaning... my writing is from the heart and passionate but may be grammatically challenged but it's not about a grade, it's about the journey and Magic shared~ when I have the time in my old age I'll correct my errors 🌙⛤♥

♀️The Divine Duality♂️
February 24th 2020

The Goddess and God. There is always duality in our very existence, our lives and in ourselves. With respect, I don't mean as in transgender, etc. I speak of the duality of our spiritual DNA, our rootedness as spirits having a human experience. 

Each of us has a feminine and masculine vibration or if you will ponder, a contractive and expansive duality. Taking the teachings of the Wheel of the Year in, we see the cycles growing, flowing and ever changing through the mystical dance of Creation, life and death in both the paths of The Goddess and the God. They compliment one another in a weaving of their lessons and existence in both a microcosmic and macrocosmic pattern in our world and in our lives. We also can see a embedding of opposition in each Goddess and God journey, where the God will play out feminine roles and Goddess thusly masculine ones. This interrelationship creates a much needed duality within the Gods that help us at such a fundamental level. We live daily with these principles of feminine and masculine and need them as we need water and air to survive. When one comes out of alignment with this duality we can have challenges in our emotions,  
relationships, spiritual foundations and even into the process of good health and homeostasis. 

The Goddess shares with us nurturing, empathy,  
introspective, contractive creative archetypes and aspects~ the God shares stamina, logical, expansive creative archetypes and aspects~ but then they interface and spiritual oneness brings them both into themselves sharing the healthy opposition that pivots them forwards into the Cycle once again. Like a chaotic ballet or Divine poetry in motion we all have these relationships with deity, though we may ignore, refuse or deny them within our life and ourselves. They are  
connected to the All and bring those vibrations and lessons from the outer levels closer to us where we may connect to them and attain the bounty of knoweldge. 

The Goddess and God are everywhere if we just find the frequency to attain harmony with them. This is why ritual,  
rites of passage, spiritual traditions and meditations are so needed in this world today, they bring use into alignment with that knowledge. So, I found the lesson without any disagreement. It instigated my need to express my feelings here. I hope you find my post food for further thought and spiritual strength. With gratitude, Madame Áine ☆

🌑December 13th 2019🌑

Full Moon last night~ the last of this Gregorian decade~ With it brought many emotional illuminations ~ seeing the Truth of so much under the Cold Moon is a blessing indeed. It seems lately many so called Spiritual people have needed a wake up call, illumination, the Truth to be told to them~ a Spiritual enema....as I have always walked my path sharing the Truth to others I found myself sharing with compassion and humility the Truth to others that I felt could engage in its depths and become better people for it...instead I became the target of their insecurities, anger and resentment. This of course, is a typical psychological response in these cases. And so it goes without saying the messenger again takes the blame. I often wonder in rhetoric, why do people who pride themselves on being healers, spiritual guides, masters, priestess/priests get so offended when someone may see a Truth for them and choose to share that truth for the good of all? Ego~ lack of self esteem and respect for the Knowledge others possess. So many hide the Truth under guises of sacredness and spirituality, they try to walk a path without the wisdom to do so nor with correctness and honor to those that may have trode the Path before them earnestly. Respect in our Spiritual communities seems to be a very rare virtue. But I shall keep speaking my Truth come what may~ even when I am depicted as a monster, bitch, snitch and sell out~ I will walk the Path of my Ancestors knowing I have gained my Wisdom not from dabbling in the artes or manners I know not about....But because I have learned, listened and walk my path true because I KNOW my Path and I honor the Wisdom and Truth others share with me.

Madame Áine 🖤

🍂 OCTOBER 8TH 2019 🍁

The call of the Owls song gently serenades me as I sit in repose on this night at Ravenwyck~ the crickets, hoppers and Autumn insects sing along~ the dying time has come. These are bittersweet days~ watching the seasonal birds feast before for flights southwards, the woolly caterpillars crawl across the newly fallen leaves Fortune telling the winters path.... my heart is heavy with sorrow and blessed with gratitude. A most solemn moment in eternity~ 
A time to reflect on the years lessons~ a look forward to the time of standstill at we inch closer to the darkest night of the year. Samhuinn will arrive after Hallows Eve as we are thrust into the cold and bitter ways of Autumns Dark embrace. What Magic did you weave into this  Harvest? What magic do you reap and sow? What regrets do you let go of allow new blessings to grow.  With each leave that falls from the trees, Shall we be reminded of the beautiful life force that once gave splendor and Beauty from the sacred spirit trees,  Their life force has ebb'd and flowed and now gently drifts to the cold ground to give the last of its essence to the haunting bosom of the Earth as She quietly turns to her hibernation to rest and bring stillness to us all.

We are not separate from Nature~ that is the illusion.  We are aware every moment of our lives at some level however small, choose to acknowledge the wisdom in the Magic shared from each passing season. Let the passing of Autumn bring reflection and enlightenment to each of you. Let the Spirit of Samhuinn bring you Solace.
With many blessings, 
Reverend Madame Áine HPS 


June 2nd 2018
The Moon is subsiding and it is a great vibrational phase to rid yourself of harmful energies, people or habits. Many people say things are positive or negative in their work and lives~ but if you understand Quantum Magic you will understand that we need both vibrations to exist in balance. Just like a light cannot turn on without both a positive and negative current flowing through the wires to bring Illumination, we have to have a balance of both as well to be properly Illuminated. Some people are very highly charged with ego and need the soothing contractive energy of the Negative forces to bring the ego into a healthy balance. And some people are very down and depressed and need a positive expanding force to help life their vibration into a healthy parameter. We cannot correctly use positive and negative if we only respect one side and not the other of the same vibrational field. We must have balance of both. We must see the need for very negative aspects to bring balance to those who cannot understand nor vibrate at a higher frequency. Some spirits thrive on the negative and that is thier purpose just as some thrive in the positive field. When we judge beings by saying they are positive or negative, that itself creates an imbalance between us. Some creatures need extreme hot to thrive and some need extreme cold to exist. Hot and cold are the same energies but different degrees. Thusly love and hate, positive and negative~ You all have experienced being around someone that made you feel wonderful as if you can fly or run a marathon, correct? That same person could make someone else feel down, sad or defeated. We all are vibrations and we will react to our complimentary forces in accordance. So next time some one is being a downer and you feel compelled to go far away from them, just understand that they are unhealthy for you but not necessarily negative. And when someone is making you feel like your on top of the world, they are healthy for you not necessarily positive. Some foods are good for some and not for others... thus spiritual food for thought! Blessings of Negative and positive energies and forces my lives~ 🌙♥⛤ Madame Áine  


May 30th 2018
The beautiful Full Flower Moon has risen and so much is awakening in myself  and here at #Ravenwyck ~ we are working on this website to bring the communities together to become stronger and more wise on our paths forward. The ~Hallowed Hag Gallery~ gallery will be undergoing changes....again! Being a Sagittarius with a Gemini rising this is completely needed and normal! Change is the way forward through times of uncertainty and oppression. I have so much to be grateful for and am always humbled at the few humans I can call true friends, thank you for your support through all of this awakening and birthing new Magics! ♥⛤♥

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Muchness is in gear and I'm manifesting the needed Magics to rock this Summer into one that will help transform many who work along side of us here at #Ravenwyck , at the #HallowedHagGallery and through all the lovelies via social media outlets. It is time that I share my life again, having been reclusive because of the ethic intimidation, religious terrorism and hateful attacks against myself and my beliefs, I'm emerging from that into a Force of Reckoning. I had to heal from the post traumatic stress and will continue to do so as I pave my way forward with my Muchness ablaze. My story will be told because this isn't just about me and my family living through this nightmare but it helps to protect all of you who identify as Pagan, Heathen, Witch, Wiccan, Atheist etc.. etc... because you could of been the one being attacked and I would of wanted you to stay strong and stay your course to what was Right and Just for you. If we don't stand up against our abusers, oppressors, terrorists, bigots and haters then we cannot change the World truly. I had no support going through several years of these horrible hate crimes, the local pagan community tucked tails and ran, my own family blamed me for being different and causing this to come upon us! People sat idly by in silence as years passed and incidents amassed. I don't want you to every be without support, so I survived, but at a cost. Now is the time to support each other and be in the Now of these happenings. I hope my experiences and lessons help to protect and serve you into both our futures! 
So here is to that beautiful illuminated Blooming Flower Moon my loves, may it bring fruition as well as protection to us ALL! BEST WITCHES, Madame Áine 🌙♥⛤


MAY 28th 2018~

I am boldly owning my Witchness, well, my Muchness as Alice had to do in Alice in Wonderland~ yesterday while in my garden as I quietly was pulling non complimentary greens (I hate calling them weeds) I heard a four wheeler pull up out front of my home...and I took notice as I usually do because of the history of hate crimes we lived through for several years. The vehicle stopped completely and then I heard the harassing verbal taunts come from it's occupants ~ "It's the Witches House, ooohhhhh so scared, cackle, etc, etc." So I stood up from my gardening and yelled an impolite but justified retort~ they obviously heard well enough and after realizing they were being overheard began their trek down the road and turned around to pass my home again. So I decided to walk out and greet them~ and as I did they saw me approaching and these 20 something cowards could do nothing but yell, " punch it!" fleeing in uncertainty.

 This is not the first time this childishness has gone on and I know it will not be he last sadly, but what I do know is that as with this new episode my fear had been replaced with my Muchness, my right to confront my accusers and stand my ground. I will not be a victim to hate, terrorism, evil, judgmental harassing people~ no effing way! If you purposely come to my home to harass, name call, terrorize, threaten or cause any kind of unhealthy action towards me, my family, animals, land or visitors here I will be waiting with my Muchness! Grow up and get an education idiots~ you don't see me riding down to your house in my Mercedes convertible with all my Witch friends and start pointing out that that's where the ignorant country hillbilly redneck lives...ooohhhhh they got Busch beer there and a purdy pickup truck... nope because that is their life choice and I have better things to do with my life choices! 

I am effing owning this! I was a victim in my own house and yard because of arsehole people (3 neighbors to be specific) like these. These are just younger versions of the bigots that terrorized my life for years and I've healed and I've grown!!! 

Had they of ridden in front of a Jewish families home and started calling out derogatory actions about them it's still a form of hate and harassment~ It's a hate crime no matter. Same goes if it was a Black, Hispanic, LBGT, Disabled or Elderly families home... it's uncalled for and it's a small step towards bigger action of hate and bigotry. I won't have it any longer. COLUMBUS Township says it prides itself on being a safe community in St. CLAIR County... but they turn their heads when they are as these bigots are~ jaded and judgemental. 

After speaking with Michael and our attorney we've decided to just own it! I will post all happenings around here at #Ravenwyck and in Columbus Township, Michigan~ good or bad~ loving and hateful because people need to see and know the Truth. And of course it helps when you share things so others can protect themselves better, The truth will out! 

So here is to the Magic and to Muchness! May each beautiful spirit be blessed and may all wretched bigoted people be slapped with their Karma-Curses spot on!

Yours with love, trust and hope,
Madame Áine ⛤♥🌙
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