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Welcome Guests to 
Ravenwyck Mystique Temple

We are very excited to announce the relocation back to Ravenwyck Sanctuary in Columbus, Michigan for the 
Temple Rituals, Sacred Circles and meet ups. 

⭐🌙We are currently changing over to our private membership to allow us to be a hands on, teaching and apprenticeship Temple. This is a result of the spiritual needs of our current members as well as for the future ones. We see this as a betterment of our spiritual path and those
 that seek a place of learned historical, spiritual, 
magical and cultural teachings of the Craft. We will be introducing the Ravenwyck House Tradition for our members as well as sharing our OBOD ceremonies and general public Pagan community gatherings 
throughout the Wheel of the Year. 
Together we are Teaching the Truth through Tradition. 

Looking to visit with us? We are currently welcoming
 visitors on New and Full Moons~ and festival days
 ( Weather permitting ) Please see schedule at the 
~Visitation and Classes page for more info. 

Years ago we hosted private gatherings for our Pagan family and friends to celebrate the Sabbats, Esbats and other ritual traditions here at Ravenwyck, sadly we had to stop these meet ups due to the threat of the hater neighbors and their actions against us and our guests. But they are gone and away is their bigotry, religious terrorism and hate leaving us with the path forward to celebrate here at the Ravenwyck sanctuary once again! 

We will be hosting private events, rituals, classes, workshops and meet ups for the Pagan/Magical community. We will be opening membership applications in a couple weeks time for those that wish to participate in a more academic path here at the Temple. We are not a open public service organization. This is a Sacred safe place for Pagan/Occult/Wiccan/Magical people to share together and inspire one another to build a stronger safer environment and community. 


~Tentative Events for 2021~

July 31st
First Harvest Circle 
☆ Ritual & Balefire ☆
2~9 pm

Join us at Ravenwyck Sanctuary for the ritual and rites of the Lughnasadh~ we will be celebrating the first harvest with a sacred meditation, arts and crafts and share our Druidic Rite with members and friends of the Sacred Ways. Dance around the Balefire letting AWEN flow from the Ripening fields both spiritual and agricultural  ~ Celebrate the turn of the Tide as the strength of Lugh and the Goddesses bounty unfolds before us. 
Meditation and visualization will be worked before ritual to attune to the seasonal vibrations accordingly. 

~ Ritual will begin at 6 PM  ~ 
No admittance after 3:30 pm
 Only 15 openings available~ 

Register as a visitor here~ Lughnasadh Registration~

Due to Covid cases we ask that if you or someone you
 live with have ANY symptoms of illness, have been exposed or potentially have been exposed you do not attend.

Please bring your own beverage and snack to ensure proper health guidelines are enacted. 

Non members must register for this ritual by June 12th and both members and non members must verify your attendance by 9:00 June 16th. Non members, if we hit our capacity limit you will be placed on a waitlist in the event a space opens for your attendance. Registering early is encouraged with the state of things. 

This is an outside event, please dress for the weather.  


We're looking forward to sharing the Sacred Space with you! 
* Please remember this is a private sanctuary, not open to general public, we expect your respect and honor while visiting with us. 

We will share part of our land at @ravenwyck to allow rituals, classes, support groups in a natural outdoor setting allowing for a safe space for small gatherings and eventually when the virus has subsided we can engage in larger platforms. We will be allowing our patrons and members to visit the gardens to meditate, heal & be in a safe space spiritually while we start to return to some normalcy even though our paths forward will have to change & be reevaluated with each step into the future. 

Starting August 1st 2020 full attandance registration forms will be required of each attendee at ALL gatherings, events, workshops, support groups and rituals. We are enacting this for our potential future 501c application and security for all guests in general. We appreciate you following our protocol and requests with due diligence. Please use email link below to obtain Full Registration form.

The Mystique Temple is the relocation and continuation of the Hallowed Temple hosted at the Hallowed Hag Mystique boutique in Richmond Michigan. 


*Moon Raven Pentacle original design by Paul Borda~ Dryad Design ~ Photo depiction of our Ravenwyck Temple Altar plaque*

Ravenwyck 2012~2021 All Rights Reserved
No reproduction of any kind without specific permission granted~

Blessings from Ravenwyck gardens ~ we have been busy with chores here both the magical and muggle kind! The Season of the Witch is upon us and we'd love to have you visit us for a stroll through the Mystique Garden Temple, have a cup of tea ( it's free ) or pick up your magical supply order from the  WitchingVeil Studios! We will be implementing all health requirements and masks are mandatory while around others. So come to the woods and share some Summer Magic with us! Don't feel like a visit but need your Magical supplies? All retail sales are placed by membership only as of July 1st 2021~ 

Place a special order and have it shipped with a local discount on shipping~ 50% off within 40 miles of Ravenwyck. You can always shop online at Witchingveil.com 🌛🖤🌜

Did you know if you are a registered member you will receive discounts on purchases for the Hag House *  WitchingVeil Studios shops? Check out info at the website for more details! 

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