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Need to visit as a guest to pick up a special order, attend a gathering, class or meet up at the Sanctuary? ~ please fill out form and make sure to check Guest box. All guests must confirm here to secure your visit with us, no exceptions.

Are you are looking to start a basic membership with the Mystique Temple? Please fill out the form for the membership info and we will get it emailed straight away Many blessings to you all! ● We ask for your Spiritual affiliation to better serve your needs at the Temple. We honor all beliefs but are a Pagan Spirituality centered Sanctuary with " Wheel of the Year " Holiday observations. We use the term "Pagan" as an umbrella term for all Earth based beliefs, i.e. Cunning Folk, Traditional Witchcraft, Druidry, Occult, Hermetic practices etc. "Wiccan" is denoted as a religious context that follows any of the numerous Wiccan religious traditions. "Other" puts you in a mainstream world religion such as Judaism, Islam, Catholic, Christian etc. And finally "Atheist/Nihilist" places you in that path in life. Please identify with the beliefs you hold true to you life path and daily family practices not that which you would like to learn more about.

 ● All Memberships are subject to change as needed without notice~ ●●● Our current Mystique Temple guest membership offers these benefits and more~ A 6 month Temple guest membership donation is $33.00 and gives you access to our open gatherings and community rituals onsite or virtual with a small fee of $3.00 per ritual/gathering to go into the Community Support fund. This guest membership allows you to be reserved for space automatically at open events but you would still need to verify attendance by the specified time so we can prepare enough supplies etc for the event. Your guest membership will also include a Ravenwyck Temple Sigil Patch ( they are due to be finished printing soon ) and news letters with Magical and Ritual sharings sent via email periodically. So that's a start.... Look for the our email to flesh out guest membership details! Blessings from the Greenwoods at Ravenwyck~ 

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