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What we DO NOT stand for~

Intolerance or bigotry of anyone for any reason. Unless you hate HATE. We can accept that.

We do NOT worship any EVIL entity no matter what name it is given.There is NO Evil in the Craft!  Any malicious actions are actions that harm the self & the very Nature that we co~create with. 

We do NOT tolerate any form of control for any reason. We all have choices & those choices should be made freely & willingly by each individual~ animal, vegetable, mineral or human.

We do NOT tolerate killing of anything unless it is in defence or self preservation (food). 

We do NOT curse others without justice~ but we WILL PROTECT ourselves & loved ones when the need arises.

There are many tenets & beliefs in the Pagan religions/spirituality~ too many to list here. It is easy~ HARM NONE but PROTECT YOURSELF & LOVED ONES.

WE ARE WITCHES...Nature...Magic...

Magic is not black nor white, but both, for Nature is both~ Creative & Destructive to be the change that's needed...

We sing, we dance, we chant, we heal, we craft spells & soap, we burn candles & the toast :), we brew herbal oils & tea, we write incantations for sick ones to heal & heartbroken people to find a new love, we bind unhealthy/harmful energy & banish unhealthy/harmful persons to protect ourselves and loved ones, we call for Peace on the Full Moon & project for tolerance on the New Moon, we look into the future & the past to divine the best path to balance, we take pride in our communities & give to those in need, we honor life through our ritual and the communion with Spirit within!

We are here to provide a Sacred space for your Spiritual & personal needs. We have owed our land now for 18 years. It has been a journey of hard work, determination, & above all belief in a higher purpose. We attained this land because of the loss of two family members. With their gift we were able to purchase this land & home to make our projection of a Spiritual Sanctuary a reality.  We have carefully planted dozens upon dozens of trees, plant, herbs, flowers & of course our love of all existences. We have taken in countless animals (mostly kitties) & helped them with medical needs, spayed/neutered them, & when possible found them loving homes.  We are a Sanctuary for all life. We created a Stone Circle down in the Glade next to our forest which leads to a beautiful creek.  
With our projection a reality we wish to share this spirited place with those whom search for a place of solace.  We support all faiths & encourage religious tolerance & work towards a united way for all people to live out their beliefs in peace & protection.  We provide Spiritual services & ceremonies, unions (handfastings/weddings) along with dedications & initiations.  We strive to educate those whom seek to live a better, healthier & more synchronized life with Nature & the Gods. 

We believe that the Elements are weavers of great Magic to empower ourselves with. By Earth & Air ~ By Fire & Water ~ thus we heal & become whole once again.  These are not just concepts, but ingredients of the Universe that both individually & combined create a palate of Creation for us to paint into our lives & the lives of others. Without the Elements & their Spirits we starve the essence of our existence.

We believe that Magic is more than Spells, potions, & chants.  It is the combination of the higher self, the Mind, the body in conjunction with the needs, thoughts & actions of the individual as it travels through all space & time.  We use physical items~ candles, herbs, oils, poppets, & ritual tools to complete a recipe of the Soul.  Song, dance & trance strengthen the energy into the projection or casting (thought seed).

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