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All wares are designed & created in the Ravenwyck Cottage & Gardens to create the best Majickal & spiritual effects.

Herbal Apothecary ~ Wort Cunning ~ *~Magical * Natural & Bewitching Wares~*

By Root and Rock * By Potion and Feather...With my Magics I now fuse them together! True Majick, Wort Cunning and Alchemy from the Olde Arts and Craftings of Herbs, Oils, Stones and Mother Natures gifts~ Magically Handcrafted from my Hands to Yours! Visit us & find that special trinket or bauble for yourself or loved one.  

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 " A Little Cottage in the Woods~ Where all Magic  is understood, come sit with us for a spell~ for we know your needs so well "   

Ravenwyck is owned and occupied by Madame Áine Ouellette (Official Witch of Columbus Township Michigan)

The Witches House⛥

"In my dwelling I craft and conjure, finding my spirit with less time to wander...the Witch kind seek a place to be truly at peace and share their Magic with all those in need~ 
I travel through our gardens, our memories and our future with a turning of the cards...or maybe a throwing of the bones, casting of the stones or a black crystal shard.
Black cats a plenty, Ravens call and crow~ wee rats and petite goats dancing to and fro!
Talismans and amulets hang from ceiling and rafter, perhaps if you get too close you will hear the wicked laughter. Ancient or modern, sky clad or clothed...if you've been to the Witches House tis a sight to truly behold!"
Words of Witchery by Madame Áine 2018

For 18 years Madame Áine has lived in her Cottage with her best friend and consort along with raven Ivy Skye, Ghost with the most, Vincent & Victoria goat friends and her rescued feline companions and the rest of the magical menagerie. As a natural born witch she loves to spend her time in nature, working in any of her numerous gardens but especially her Dark Herbs & Plants garden. She is a second generation herbalist, having learned her knowledge and skills from her mother. 

She has been in public openly with her witchcraft for over 24 years & loves to share her Magic with others through her spiritual workings and conjuring of her Metal Smithing, candle crafting, Poppet creations as well as her intuitive medium gifts. She has opened a community artisans gallery to support other occult artists to give them a safe supportive space to express themselves. Áine feels that the strange and unusual should be honored in his world and treated with respect and sovereignty.  Her belief  is that different is beautiful. She opened an Occult & Magical gallery 4 years ago to provide a safe & sacred space for other pagans & misfits of society~ Visit  ~Hallowed Hag Gallery~ for more info ⛤

Although Madame Áine prefers to be solitary as a Witch, she has educated  herself in a vast array of  spiritual  traditions to support her position as a non denomination minister since 1996. She worked with the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft for many years and taught First & Second degree here in Michigan back in 2003~05. She is a non active full member of the O.B.O.D. from Sussex, England where she found her family heritage  personified. She also taught her own students on Witchery, herbal magic, divination and spiritual enlightenment. She still does take on students when time allows. 

So if she's not taking care of her menagerie, crafting up a treasure, conjuring a Poppet for protection...you may find her in the gardens singing to her beloved plants, writing a beautiful incantation, reading old poetry and dabbling in her watercolors. Her wish is to see every one accepted & supported for their own beautiful strangeness! 
 For more info about the Cabot Kent Hermertic Temple follow this linkhttp://www.ckht.org


For more info about the OBOD Order of Bards Ovates and Druids follow this link~ :https://www.druidry.org

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