" It is the Way of the Mystery Teachings that you can only learn what it is you are prepared to know " Raven Grimassi 

WE ARE WITCHES...Nature...Magic...

Magic is not black nor white, but both, for Nature is both~ Creative & Destructive to be the change that's needed...


 " A Little Cottage in the Woods~ Where all Magic is understood, come sit with us for a spell~ for we know your needs so well "   

Ravenwyck is owned and protected by Madame Áine Ouellette Arch Priestess (Official Witch of Columbus Township Michigan) 

The Witches House

"In my dwelling I craft and conjure, finding my spirit with less time to wander...the Witch kind seek a place to be truly at peace and share their Magic with all those in need~ 
I travel through our gardens, our memories and our future with a turning of the cards...or maybe a throwing of the bones, casting of the stones or a black crystal shard.
Black cats a plenty, Ravens call and crow~ wee rats and petite goats dancing to and fro!
Talismans and amulets hang from ceiling and rafter, perhaps if you get too close you will hear the wicked laughter. Ancient or modern, sky clad or clothed...if you've been to the Witches House tis a sight to truly behold!"
Words of Witchery by Madame Áine 2018


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Featured Artists~

Please visit for the Bewitching and haunting sounds of Lady Anka and Sir Patrick ~ The Long Losts New Album is launching 2/5/21


Music inspired by the chants and Invocations in Gemma Gary’s book The Devils Dozen - Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One ~ Troy Books. 

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*Moon Raven Pentacle original design by Paul Borda~ Dryad Design ~ Photo depiction of our Ravenwyck Temple Altar plaque*

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